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Topic subjectBusiness Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
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217, Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by markbebout, Thu Nov-01-07 11:35 AM
Hi all,

This is my first post on this site. I have a new online business that is providing professional reviews of work at home opportunities. Our goal is to become the most trusted, unbiased source available for people evaluating a business opportunity.

Many opportunities make big promises that are unrealistic. Because many of these so-called opportunities mask what it is they do, it can be hard for someone to really know if it is worth the investment or not. We are building a database of these companies and provide it to our readers at no cost.

We are looking for folks who have purchased into a business opportunity (past or present) and are willing to share their experiences with us so that we can provide an honest evaluation of the opportunity. Your identity will remain completly anonymous.

Please contact me if you are willing to share your experience.


Mark Bebout
218, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by VisionMaster, Mon Nov-05-07 10:27 AM

If you can become the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" will will ave something valuable.

Keep me infomred of your progress. I would love to see this idea make it.

Bill Joyce
219, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by markbebout, Tue Nov-06-07 03:58 AM
Hi Bill,

That is exactly what we are working on, very similar to a Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports. We are currently working to integrate the BBB national bureau database with our database.

Our goal is to become the destination site for people looking into business opportunities. We want to provide our readers with an unbiased, 3rd party perspective on the opportunities that are out there. To better help them navigate away from the scams and understand the legitimate ones.

If you know of anyone who would be willing to talk to us about their experience with a particular opportunity, please pass along my information. I would be happy to speak with them.

All the best,

Mark Bebout
221, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by DBeavers, Tue Nov-06-07 09:24 AM

I would love to see Kaeser & Blair included in your list of "Approved" bizopps. I have been with them nearly 15 years, and have only proven them to deliver everything they claim.

The promotional advertising industry is constantly changing, but this 114-year-old, family owned and operated business, has been a solid leader in the industry for the past 20 or more years, providing thousands of their dealers with full-time or supplemental income.

Contact me if you have any questions you want me to address.

The corporate business site is

You can find my testimony about them on my website at:

I'll be happy to provide whatever info you want on this $80 Million company in the $18 Billion world of promotional advertising.

Dennis Bevers
Sulphur, LA
224, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by Strategist, Fri Nov-23-07 03:18 PM
I have an online MLM business. AVON

Even with my high ranking for AVON Representative, I couldn't have a full time career with just the online side.

However, because of my ranking, I am getting about 2 sales a month from those I don't know.

AVON does have a very clear "book" on what we can't do online to sell their products and it doesn't leave much leaway. Can't use their photos, can't sell on ebay, can't put products for sale anywhere, etc.

But we can post on ad sites, which I do from time to time.

234, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by corajo, Fri Dec-07-07 11:55 AM

I feel as though my consumer rights have been have been violated by fraudulent business venture and would like to know if I am accurate in thinking so. A company named Adnet Marketing Solutions located at 2320 West Mission Lane #1, Phoenix Arizona 85021. I have some very serious concerns about this company?s right to refuse me of a 100% refund of their internet system.

I opened the carrier pack and began to investigate the contents I immediately leery when I saw the rudimentary layout and the overall subject matter it contained.

The day after I received the business agreement I was contacted by one of Adnet Marketing Solution?s staff, by the name of Bruce Butler. He was a fast talking, pushy, unscrupulous hustler. He made me feel so uncomfortable that I refused to comply to his remands, which were to complete the paperwork they sent me, sign and date our business agreement, fax in to him immediately, to supply him with even more money to ?jump start my success?. I have never been able to get a hold of anyone in this company ever since nor receive a refund for the $419.00 I paid them.

I found other companies addresses in the business agreement after reading and closely examining the entire document. I felt like I was entering a service agreement with two other companies, one being C.J. Inc or Commission Junction and I took it upon myself to contact both of these business to see what type of arrangement or affiliate they were to Adnet Marketing Solutions. Both companies, also located in Phoenix AZ, claimed to have no recognition of said business. Commission Junction asked if I could fax them a copy of the business plan to see if they could figure it out and turn it into a service manager to log as a red flag(fraud). Oddly enough after I filled their request it was as though my documents were encrypted or damaged and now they are barley impossible for me to do anything with.

I NEVER Sign their business agreement that I was suppose to nor did I fax my agreement including my S.S. like they requested. How can they still hold me liable for a contract I did not sign? Is there any hope of restitution in this matter? I have phone numbers, names, documentation, that support what I have written but I can?t seem to get a response from any of the resources I have contacted.
235, RE: Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by WrkFmHome, Wed Dec-12-07 08:33 AM
My mother used to sell AVON when I was little. It was hard to find new customers and you had to buy product to stock at home. We discovered a business that you don't have to stock any products, no parties, no distributing! The company does all of that for you.
We focus on Wellness - Physical & Financial. Check out my website!

Best Wishes!

Linnea Reyes
Women Earning Wages