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160, Bridesmaid gown rental
Posted by tornfaith07, Sun Jun-24-07 09:50 AM
LOL this is like my fourth post for this business but I have many questions. I intend to start my business of renting bridesmaids gowns from my home and thought of starting it out by appointment only since I will be keeping my full time job to start with. Does anyone think this would work?

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Posted by astrosnider, Tue Jul-24-07 04:54 PM
Hi Erica,

Great idea btw...

I'd have to agree that yes, this will work. However, where I reside (and this may be different for you) my insurance rates would definitely increase if I had clients meet me at my home office versus meeting them at their location of choice.

You may want to check into this if you plan on having them come to your home as anything and I mean anything could be portrayed as an accident area such as steps, snow, ice, pets, driveways, and the list goes on.

Just thought I'd help you cover the bases:)

Good Luck! Sounds like you're on the right track...

Angela Strosnider
~Virtual Office & Business Solutions~
~Proud Member of Virtual Assistant Networking Association~
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Posted by ydklove2002, Thu Aug-16-07 10:34 AM
Hi Erica,

Well i found your post on google and funny that we are both thinking of the same biz.

You can check my post out in this forum. I will love to chat more and share thoughts with you. if you Yahoo, we can chat on Yahoos Messenger! email me ;

248, RE: Bridesmaid gown rental
Posted by lidea08, Mon Jan-07-08 01:48 PM
How is your business going? I definitely think you have a great idea, I had thought about starting a wedding consignment shop. How much inventory are you planning on starting with? I am having a hard time deciding that.

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1360, RE: Bridesmaid gown rental
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