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153, Alternate options for funding
Posted by findingdetails, Fri Jun-22-07 02:28 AM

I have been searching for the ideal business idea and I have longed for years to be my own boss. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to do. It is a service business that would be focusing on the area of being a virtual assistant and/or personal assistant in addition to doing some possible errand services for local people. Because I live in a smaller community I think I need to start with a broad range of services, and then I can pinpoint my best markets from there. I have crunched the numbers and done the figuring and I really want to dive in full force with this once my business plan is complete. However, I am limited on funding and I do not have a lot of funding options do to a less than favorable credit history.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for alternate funding and also if anyone had any ideas for some type of supplemental work I might be able to do in my spare time possibly over the internet to supplement my income if business does not take off as well as I hope it will?

I am currently employed full time currently and I plan to quit my job in order to pursue this. I believe the time I am at work is going to need to be the time I will need to be available to service my clients and I do not want to turn away potential customers due to being unavailable. My current job is also not making the cut. I have no passion for it becuase there is no challenge to it and the time and money I am forking out for child care and travel expenses is not even leaving me enough money to pay my bills. If I stay here I will only sink further into debt and have an even harder time getting ahead so I feel I must pursue forward in order to survive and motivate myself.

If anyone has any funding suggestions for someone with less than favorable credit and minimal to no start up capital to invest I would be greatful. I figure I only need $5000.00 to 10,000.00 to start in order to upgrade some equipment and software and some advertising expenses and a cushion allotment to fall back on if it does not take off as anticipated. I choose a service business because I knew that I would have less to invest to start off.

Please help me find some either at home opportunities to supplement my income or financing sources. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Getting ready to run with it!
163, RE: Alternate options for funding
Posted by, Mon Jun-25-07 02:04 PM
Hi Tam,

Its sounds like you really want to get this idea off the ground,and that's good.

So the first thing is don't give up and don't slow down, the reason i say this is its very hard to keep up any kind of pace when you just can't get the things you need in place.

There are always things that need to be done,while you work in the background so to speak on raising cash.

You of course have been out there gathering infomation,asking the people in your target area questions about the services they need and the sort of price they think is fair.

Also you will be well aware of any possible rival? and so you have got all the basics done and you know for sure that your business is going to be a winner,then and only then do you need to find cash to start up.

On this point Dr J.Schwartz says in his book "The Magic of Thinking Big" that we need to focus on what we have got and not on what we have not!!,the point is its always so hard to get going with little or no cash-flow even harder with a credit history,but we must keep going if we are to succeed.

Do something everyday to build your business,even if its just to tell somebody about it.

Try and get family and friends involved if you can, i would say one of the first things i would do is to get basic flyer printed with your services listed etc,and a phone number(a dedicated line if possible).

Then get them out as fast as you can and then you will see if there is any interest,if you dont get a single call after several weeks you may need to look at what your saying on the flyer or even the design may need a tweak.

But if you do start to get a few calls,you maybe on to something and then you can start to move forward a bit, more advertising etc.

It can take a long time to even get off the starting blocks,but if you really want it so bad that you can't even think of almost anything else!!,you will find a way to make a start and once you do you will be amazed at how little things start to fall in place and before long you are a full-time business owner looking to expand!!

One last point if i may, i would strongly advise you not to give up your job just yet as you will need every bit of spare cash you can find to keep you going and as i said you don't need that much to make a start even if its a basic version of what you want to do.

Sorry to go on!!,hope some of this has been of some help to you.

Best of luck
176, RE: Alternate options for funding
Posted by wericrobinson, Tue Jul-17-07 04:39 PM

It's always great to hear someone planning to get out of the "rat race" and getting on with creating their own wealth and lifestyle. I recently read a great book by Michael Gerber that really helped me get out on my own. It's called "The E-Myth", get a hold of it at your local library and soak up as much as you can. Also, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill is a must read.

I just recently came across an online fundraising program that may help you as well. Check out the link below (or copy and paste it into your web browser).


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177, RE: Alternate options for funding
Posted by CyberHost, Wed Jul-18-07 12:23 PM
Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reminder about reading those classic must-reads.

Have you tried the program you recommend personally?

At first glance, it appears to be a pyramid, kind of like a chain letter where everyone sends $ to the top name on the list, then adds their name. So the top name(s) get the most $.

I'd like to know more from people like you who have used it.

CyberHost at Idea Cafe
178, RE: Alternate options for funding
Posted by DBeavers, Wed Jul-18-07 01:35 PM

You might want to investigate the bizopp available from Kaeser & Blair, Inc. They are a 114-year-old, family-owned and operated business. They rank in the Top 10 of all promotional advertising distributors in the U.S, based on the $78 Million in volume.

If you look around your home and place of business, you're likely to spot screen-printed stainless steel or acrylic travel mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, ink pens, calendars, T-shirts, golf balls, embroidered golf shirts and caps, mouse pads, stress balls, and many other items.

This is a commission-only position, where you work as Independent Agent, with no daily, weekly, or monthly quotas, and no territories to restrict who or where you sell. You can choose to sell whatever way works for you, online, offline, or both.

No investment is required, and no monthly purchase either.

The U.S. market is a proven $19 Billion dollars, so you only need a small niche or two to generate an excellent income. And, some of the buyers and orders lend themselves to frequent re-orders, so residual income his built almost everytime you add a new customer.

For details on the business, please visit my website @

Dennis Bevers

P.S. I started my business at home 23 years ago, and have been full time self-employed for the past 20 years.

189, RE: Alternate options for funding
Posted by upnup77, Fri Aug-17-07 09:07 AM
I have recently discovered a great way to raise capital online for any business or project. No banks, no loans, no credit checks, no sales, no MLM, etc. Many people have had success with this program. Small start up fee. Good luck.

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