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Topic subjectRE: Just joined a new home based business, need advice.
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152, RE: Just joined a new home based business, need advice.
Posted by DBeavers, Wed Jun-20-07 05:54 PM
>>Without even visiting the site, it looks like 7649 other
>>people may have already paid for the same online mall,
>>(judging by your affiliate number). In the real world,
>>shopping malls work by attracting buyers to the comfort
>>and convience.
>Everyone get given an online mall when they join, thats why
>everyone is assigned with a number so that eg. when I shop
>then I will get rebates for my shopping not others. So your
>online mall is for you to befenfit with shopping rebates
>available to you only. Where as the business opportunties is
>something else altogether but you can listen to the owner of
>MPM's explanation here.

If you are simply getting rebates on your personal purchases, then it is impossible to earn income from the site. Although the old rule, "A Penny saved is a Penny earned" is true, in the case of the mall, you aren't generating income, merely acumulating savings.

Saving money is important in acquiring wealth, but if your only savings come from buying from your own website, it may take you a lot longer than your planned to reach your goals.