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Topic subjectRE: Just joined a new home based business, need advice.
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145, RE: Just joined a new home based business, need advice.
Posted by taiman, Sun Jun-17-07 02:26 PM
>Without even visiting the site, it looks like 7649 other
>people may have already paid for the same online mall,
>(judging by your affiliate number). In the real world,
>shopping malls work by attracting buyers to the comfort and
>In the digital world, every online store is convenient. So,
>how do you attract buyers to your mall - as without shoppers,
>you have no way of earning commissions or click throughs?
>Cookie-cutter sites, where 50 to 10,000 identical locations
>will not be ranked in the search, so you will have to drive
>traffic there yourself, or pay for visitors.
>Good luck, but don't be surprised if the mall shoppers aren't
>flocking to your site.
Everyone get given an online mall when they join, thats why everyone is assigned with a number so that eg. when I shop then I will get rebates for my shopping not others. So your online mall is for you to befenfit with shopping rebates available to you only. Where as the business opportunties is something else altogether but you can listen to the owner of MPM's explanation here.