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182, RE: Help- Is there a market for these business ideas?
Posted by astrosnider, Tue Jul-24-07 04:41 PM
Hi Bonita,

While there are sites to find market trends, and too many to name at that, half the game of any business is to grab a market trend and go with it.

Remember, trends stay around longer than fads. Determining how long and in which direction market trends turn is every "experts" theory. Your guess will be as good as the next. (This is a good thing :-) )

I would search geographic trends, industry trends, and of course economic trends all before making a decision on something. How you convert this information will be key.

Good Luck in your endeavors! It looks like you're doing your homework and that says alot.

Angela Strosnider
Virtual Assistance for the Rest of Us
~Proud Member of VANA