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146, RE: Help- Is there a market for these business ideas?
Posted by Roseb441702, Sun Jun-17-07 03:32 PM
>I have two business ideas but I am having trouble trying to
>find out where do you go to find out market trends to know if
>there is a market for your business idea. Does anyone know
>where I should be looking for market trends?
>Here are my ideas that I need to know if there is a market for
>it to work?
>#1. Audiobooks (podcast) for assist and encourage
>early readers..age 4 - 8 years old. I would record early
>reader books and make the audio available for download in mp3
>format or by order by CD. This one I would need to make sure
>that recording will not violate some copyright law.
>#2. Publish creative solutions that small businesses owners
>can use to work smarter by saving time or money...
>Let me know what you think about these ideas..and is there a
>market for these ideas?

I think that any idea has potential but there are some things that you are quite right about and most important of that is the issue of copyright. You are going to have to get the copyright's owner's permission to read their work. I love podcasts. I think that they are a good idea and I'm just starting to get my feet wet with one (I should say 2) of my own. Another little "glitch" in your first plan is that you want to be able to have your CD's ordered but you are reading works from others - meaning that you would be profiting from others' works - which is copyright infringement. The way around would be to come up with material of your own or use work that has no copyright or the copyright has run out.