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Topic subjectRE: Is it possible to make a living online anymore?
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140, RE: Is it possible to make a living online anymore?
Posted by Roseb441702, Sun Jun-10-07 01:47 PM
>It just seems like every idea is taken and every area online
>is oversaturated with people trying the same thing. Face it.
>If it was easy to make money online everyone would do it? Has
>the time come and gone to even try an online profession? Seems
>like those who got involved with websites 3-5 years ago are
>the lucky ones.

The bulk of the replies have been "do something you love" which is something that I totally agree with.

One of the ideas that I want you to look into is Adsense. Basically it is a pay-per-click program and since it is by Google it is with a well-known name. Lots of people are making money using adsense. Here is an excerpt that talks about how much money people have made using Adsense:

There are a few Adsense millionaires in there.