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134, RE: Is it possible to make a living online anymore?
Posted by DBeavers, Tue May-08-07 03:56 AM
I'm in agreement with the others. Making money online can be viable, whether you are looking to supplement income from a regular job, or seeking a means to earn replacement income and be able to be your own boss.

I started my home-based biz before the internet was created, so naturally I had to build it for the brick & mortar world. But, unlike many others in my field, my office is in my home and I call on clients and prospects at their location. Even today, when I have captured some of the online buyers, I still do most of my sales face-to-face, but also write a number of repeat orders by phone.

Your chances for success increase dramatically, if you build your business around something that you are already passionate about. If you have a hobby that can be supported online (you sell them supplies via your site) your own interest will make it easier to invest the hours you need in creating your site, and also help you establish a rapport with others who enjoy the same hobby.

You aren't limited to strictly individual sales, as many businesses also buy via the internet.

Good luck in finding the right online venture (and keep your options open to expand offline if the opportunity presents itself).

Dennis Bevers