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Topic subjectRE: Is it possible to make a living online anymore?
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132, RE: Is it possible to make a living online anymore?
Posted by astrosnider, Mon May-07-07 06:10 AM

In my opinion it is. I won't try and sell you an idea such as the gentleman above, but moreover let you know that just like any other online or even brick-and-mortar business for that matter, it's going to take something you are passionate and knowledgable about.

Try thinking this way...if someone wanted to start a cake shop in their area, but there were already two there, what would the new company have on the two new ones? The answer can range from creativity, different designs, etc. Moreover, the two cake shops who've been in business for x number of years may have gotten a little lax on their customer service as customers in the area have had to deal with them with no alternatives. Good Customer Service is key.

There are more than several hundred virtual assistants across the internet, perhaps yes, even thousands. Let me just say that while I did start in the game in January of 2001, I did not need a website from superior customer service and just decided this year to create one.

Hope this helps and motivates you to continue on with finding your perfect "YES! That's it! That's what I'm going to do!" moment:)

Angela Strosnider
~Virtual Office & Business Solutions~