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Posted by vwd, Thu Jan-03-08 08:31 PM

A couple of things to improve:

1. I would make the home page have some content reference your niche market. You need a niche, or in other words a target. You aren't going to get any traffic just by discussing topics on your home page, or at least the type of traffic you want which is moms. Reconsider your home page content, articles on the front is fine but you need to target your market.

2. Everything the Search Engine person discusses is true: Google uses content to index, Yahoo and MSN use Meta Tags to index, and they all use

3. What's going on with the big gap between the calendar and the rest of the website

4. Why do you have a new window open for the forum, let it open in the same window, search engines do not like that

5. Blog, get wordpress and install it, those blogspot blogs are hard to get indexed believe it or now.

6. It appears your home page is indexed, but you have a 0 of 10 page rank by Google at the moment.

7. Consider using Joomla, that is what I use at and I love it, it's PHP based, but look at my site you couldn't tell it. Great tool at and some great templates you can use at

Any questions email me.