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Posted by Ruredi, Mon Nov-26-07 06:44 PM

I have been doing Search Engine Marketing for Marketing Firms but am ready to branch out on my own.

Although I have a strong background in SEO - search engine optimization and organic search, I am turning my attention to Pay Per Click (ppc) services.

I need Real customer Testimonies - So I have a proposition.

Let me Implement your Google Adwords PPC account or manage your existing account for 1 month, FREE of charge. The only money that will change hands is you depositing your money into your Google Adwords account. If you are pleased with my work, you can write a testimonies for my website and let me list you as a reference (by placing your link on my site for free)

I will do the following-
1. Set up your Google Adwords Account (giving you access too)
2. Create your Ad Campaign (up to 4)
3. Manage your Campaigns and optimizing them for their success
4. I will take advantage of all available opportunities that will positively impact your PPC campaign

For me to be able to have a significant impact on your ppc campaign , you must deposit a min of $250 into your Google Adwords.

Pay per click ? Is a service where advertisers only pay once a potential customer clicks on their ad. It also guarantees placement on pages such as Google and AOL.