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Posted by LisaPR, Tue Apr-24-07 07:41 AM
Other than Google adwords what else are YOU doing to promote the website.

Websites like any other business need a marketing plan. It is not a case of "if you build it they will come."

Promote your website everywhere - business cards, brochures, hats, T-shirts, email signature line.

Join other mom oriented clubs, groups, listserves, etc. Find companies to partner with that offer products for moms link to their site and have links to yours. Attend and or sponsor trade shows, conferences, networking events, etc. that cater to women.

Your featured article section is a great place for you to interview and profile local, regional and national celebrity mothers (start locally and as you membership grows span out).

Remove sections or places (marketplace only has a few businesses) with no content. You can always add them later. List content on page for marketplace with the details on how to get listed. your lounge should open within same page as rest of site and marketplace web address should open in a new page.

Good Luck.