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Posted by techguy, Sun Mar-18-07 04:18 PM
Hello, I am a lead web application developer for a major manufacture and have worked on crawlers for web indexing sites. I have reviewd your site and if it were me I would fire Starfield Technologies, they are doing you no favors here, first you need to have fresh content posted daily to gain ranking with in the search engines, create rss feeds and you must have a site map for search engines to read not just meta tags. Meta tags do help but that is not what they are look for now days. you need to have a search engine site map for them. make your site using php or asp, with a database, easy to update and manage. remove all "YOUR AD HERE" stuff, and re-think the Bulltien board for now, first you need the trafic, then bring the BB in to play, it looks bad when there are no posting on the site. or at least as frends to post something there and offer less choices. Make all the screens to your site open in the same window as some peole are using popup blockers that will prevent them from seeing your whole site. It also needs a face lift. something hot and new, exciting and fresh, better color choice. earth tones would be good for this type of site, relax and injoy our site. (brown and green tones are the hot colors right now). Also re-think your key words, find out what words are hot or not.

I hope I was not to hard on you here. Just saying it like I see it. If you would like I may be able to help you out with your project if time allows and bring you from 1995 to 2007. HTML sucks unless you are using AJAX.