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115, Need help!!
Posted by Cam, Wed Jan-02-08 05:16 AM
Hi everyone,

I am starting a new online community which is a web community for stylish moms! However, I am trying to get some traffic to my site. I have subscribed to google adwords but still not receiving any leads. Please critique my site and tell me what you think I need more of or if the design is handy.

116, RE: Need help!!
Posted by techguy, Sun Mar-18-07 04:18 PM
Hello, I am a lead web application developer for a major manufacture and have worked on crawlers for web indexing sites. I have reviewd your site and if it were me I would fire Starfield Technologies, they are doing you no favors here, first you need to have fresh content posted daily to gain ranking with in the search engines, create rss feeds and you must have a site map for search engines to read not just meta tags. Meta tags do help but that is not what they are look for now days. you need to have a search engine site map for them. make your site using php or asp, with a database, easy to update and manage. remove all "YOUR AD HERE" stuff, and re-think the Bulltien board for now, first you need the trafic, then bring the BB in to play, it looks bad when there are no posting on the site. or at least as frends to post something there and offer less choices. Make all the screens to your site open in the same window as some peole are using popup blockers that will prevent them from seeing your whole site. It also needs a face lift. something hot and new, exciting and fresh, better color choice. earth tones would be good for this type of site, relax and injoy our site. (brown and green tones are the hot colors right now). Also re-think your key words, find out what words are hot or not.

I hope I was not to hard on you here. Just saying it like I see it. If you would like I may be able to help you out with your project if time allows and bring you from 1995 to 2007. HTML sucks unless you are using AJAX.

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121, RE: Need help!!
Posted by LisaPR, Tue Apr-24-07 07:41 AM
Other than Google adwords what else are YOU doing to promote the website.

Websites like any other business need a marketing plan. It is not a case of "if you build it they will come."

Promote your website everywhere - business cards, brochures, hats, T-shirts, email signature line.

Join other mom oriented clubs, groups, listserves, etc. Find companies to partner with that offer products for moms link to their site and have links to yours. Attend and or sponsor trade shows, conferences, networking events, etc. that cater to women.

Your featured article section is a great place for you to interview and profile local, regional and national celebrity mothers (start locally and as you membership grows span out).

Remove sections or places (marketplace only has a few businesses) with no content. You can always add them later. List content on page for marketplace with the details on how to get listed. your lounge should open within same page as rest of site and marketplace web address should open in a new page.

Good Luck.
968, RE: Need help!!
Posted by activmaxis, Fri Jul-22-16 09:27 AM
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135, RE: Need help!!
Posted by jlrickard, Fri May-11-07 05:16 PM
Hi Cam,

Boy, do I know what you're going through! I've had my website up for over six months and it hasn't produced a sale yet. I need traffic to my site also.

One thing I have been doing is linking with other websites that are complimentary to my site. I offer quality handmade skincare products, so I've been trying to link up with health sites, skincare sites, make-up sites, sites that are just for women, shopping sites for women, craft sites, gift sites, etc.

I haven't given up yet and I don't intend to and neither should you. It just takes time and you have to be patient.

I went to your site and I liked what I saw. You've got some great ideas!

My website is called Ruby Rose Creations and I offer quality handcrafted natural skincare products. I'd like for you to take a look at my website and let me know what you think. I would also like to exchange links with you. I think it would be beneficial for both of us. Let me know if you're interested.

I've been finding some other places to go that could be really helpful in getting traffic to your website. will help you get submitted to the search engines
I hope this small list will help you out some. I'm wishing you great success!

God Bless,

207, RE: Need help!!
Posted by Cam, Thu Sep-13-07 02:44 AM
Hi Janice,

I have actually had some luck with using Google for advertising my site. I wanted to let you know to try the same. If you still want to link up, let me know....

Also, thanks for the list of sites to help get the name out!

Cameo Hoey
136, RE: Need help!!
Posted by carlar9, Wed May-16-07 02:40 AM
Getting quality traffic is an ageless, ongoing problem for all of us. You have to work continually at keeping your site fresh and updated. Work on backlinks not reciprocal links. Write a blog and articles with links to your site, join forums and put on a signature, add a signature to all your emails, consider contests or anything to generate interest and email lists. I'm sure sure there are a lot more ways but that should get you started.
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227, RE: Need help!!
Posted by Ruredi, Mon Nov-26-07 06:44 PM

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230, RE: Need help!!
Posted by cyt072, Tue Dec-04-07 10:22 PM

I know the feeling...I am also trying to gather traffic to my website. I am promoting a vitamin suppliment and I have been using Traffic Swarm...It is a fun community and it generates a few guests to my website. When the day gets really rough, the site has a little lotto to play...but it is full of information on how to gather traffic on your website.
242, RE: Need help!!
Posted by webhits, Wed Jan-02-08 07:30 AM
Traffic Swarm is great but the key is converting those hits to leads. The whole point of a website is to get users to visit and turn those hits to leads and sales. Hits don't account for anything and never will. Try If you combine Traffic Swarm with Webhits2leads, you will definitely see your business grow...instantly. Wouldn't you like to instantly be notified of a hot lead?
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Posted by prasada, Wed Jan-02-08 12:19 AM
No message
243, RE: Need help!!
Posted by vwd, Thu Jan-03-08 08:31 PM

A couple of things to improve:

1. I would make the home page have some content reference your niche market. You need a niche, or in other words a target. You aren't going to get any traffic just by discussing topics on your home page, or at least the type of traffic you want which is moms. Reconsider your home page content, articles on the front is fine but you need to target your market.

2. Everything the Search Engine person discusses is true: Google uses content to index, Yahoo and MSN use Meta Tags to index, and they all use

3. What's going on with the big gap between the calendar and the rest of the website

4. Why do you have a new window open for the forum, let it open in the same window, search engines do not like that

5. Blog, get wordpress and install it, those blogspot blogs are hard to get indexed believe it or now.

6. It appears your home page is indexed, but you have a 0 of 10 page rank by Google at the moment.

7. Consider using Joomla, that is what I use at and I love it, it's PHP based, but look at my site you couldn't tell it. Great tool at and some great templates you can use at

Any questions email me.

1005, RE: Need help!!
Posted by bukatogel, Thu Sep-29-16 10:18 AM
never give up, the traffic is coming soon :D

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1080, RE: Need help!!
Posted by hokibetseo1, Tue Dec-13-16 09:54 PM
goodluck mate! don't worry traffic comming soon.
1105, RE: Need help!!
Posted by maenhg, Sun Mar-12-17 02:38 AM
goodluck mate! don't worry traffic comming soon.
1106, RE: Need help!!
Posted by maenhg, Sun Mar-12-17 02:39 AM
goodluck mate! don't worry traffic comming soon.