Entrepreneur of 2016
Meet the winner

Nina Robinson Is The Recipient Of The Entrepreneur Of 2016 Award

She competed against 175 entrepreneurs from across the country and her win was definitely well-deserved. She got 16,350 points in the voting stage and naturally emerged as the winner.

Nina Robinson
Owner of My Book Buddy

Nina Robinson has a great vision of helping kids get excited about reading! She started My Book Buddy business to encourage children and teenagers to read more. Unlike most bookstores, when a book is sold another book is given to a child in need, giving back to the local community. About 60% of their products are buy a book, give a book items. Lovely concept!

You can find below what other people said for Nina and her business, why she was nominated and what it took to become the IdeaCafe's Entrepreneur of 2016.

My Book Buddy is a company that is vital to the recovery of our kid's low reading levels. It provides kids with the opportunity to read books in a fun environment and allows them to build a book collection of their own. Nina is a passionate woman who recognized the need for such a company and decided to create one herself instead of search and support. She leads a team of passionate people who share the same goal and through My Book Buddy they WILL make a great impact. Great woman, great professional, great vision, great execution.

Alvin E Carter Jr

Nina is an amazing and ambitious, and it's reflected through her choice to not only run her own business, but to run a business focused on supporting & encouraging kids to read!

Christopher Zuber

Nina is an awesome & creative entrepreneur that is passionate about giving back to the community.

Erica Crump

My Book Buddy is a great site for children and families! This is a great tool to get more children interested in reading! Nina contributions in helping the community develop interest in reading and improving children's academics should be recognized as she continues to strive for excellence in education. She is young, focused with lots of energy, determination and with a insatiable desire to succeed!

Tish Lewis-Turner