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Welcome to Idea Cafe's Entrepreneur of 2011 - People's Choice Award

Entrepreneur of the Year is a prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. It is a community-focused competition rewarding the companies and people who made a mark during the year. The competition provides a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the next big leap in their business. The award will go to the entrepreneur who receives the largest share of the public nominations and votes.

2011 Winner

Rock Scar Love
Name: Amy Tippins
Located In: Georgia
Sponsored by

RockScar Love sells clothing and accessories with "scar themes" and also donates between 10 to 20% of pre-profit proceeds to transplant-related charities.

"We all have scars based on emotional or physical trauma that our bodies have been through, and I wanted to create something fresh and hot that said, 'Whatever your life challenge is, rise up and be proud of it,'" Amy said. RockScar Love was born of Amy's vision for society to acknowledge beautiful scars represent the lessons that life's challenges teach.

Determined to be a role model for choosing to live for three, Amy enjoys traveling, entertaining friends, yoga, surfing and exercising.

You can find below what other people said for Amy and her business, why she was nominated and what it took to become the IdeaCafe's Entrepreneur of 2011.

Amy went through a transplant process. She turned her life to creativity and charity since then. With her designs she spread awareness toward the Organ Donation cause, she's very alive, grateful to her second chance.. and she's determine to make the best of it.. She's a true inspiration and definitely deserve to be the Entrepreneur of this year

Amy works so very hard with this company, and still shares her time helping other donor sites with their work!

Amy is a Liver transplant survivor, who's business aims to give hope to other transplant recipients. She works tirelessly raising awareness of organ donation, and supporting the transplant community


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