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"succesful small town bar"

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succesful small town bar, Chrystal Plante, 15:30:31, 1/11/2006
promoting a sports bar, Angel Brown, 16:06:01, 1/12/2006, (#1)
Succesful small town bar, Chrystal Plante, 15:09:34, 1/13/2006, (#2)
Successful small town bar, Anthony Jones, 13:29:36, 1/26/2006, (#3)
Are you doing something for , richardm, 18:05:51, 1/26/2006, (#4)
maybe this can help, clemson77on, 16:55:17, 2/04/2006, (#5)
successful small town bar, Jack, 20:57:27, 2/04/2006, (#6)
Promo idea, Brian, 02:50:11, 2/10/2006, (#7)
Nightclub Bar & Magazine, Chris, 12:45:18, 2/13/2006, (#8)
bar marketing, Tina Janke, 10:05:56, 3/13/2006, (#9)


"succesful small town bar"
Posted by Chrystal Plante on 15:30:31 1/11/2006
I am currently starting to manage a midsize sports bar in a small town, and the problem is lack of customers and strong competition. What are some fresh ideas to get this bar ahead of the game?


1. "promoting a sports bar"
Posted by Angel Brown on 16:06:01 1/12/2006
Aside from the usual bar promotions (like Ladies Night and 2-for-1 Happy Hour or free hors d'oeuvres), you can try doing contests or giveaways. Like an "Under New Management" party. If you could get another business owner to donate something that patrons would value (electronics or sporting event tickets or car/truck floor mats, etc.), you could do a cross-promotion with that business and make flyers and handouts that you'd both give to customers, as well as posters around town announcing the event. You can also contact local motorcycle clubs that do poker runs and charity rides and see if they want to make your bar one of their stops (sometimes the Humane Society or Animal Shelters do this to raise money). You could also offer the bar as a meeting place for local professional organizations (attendees pay for their own food and drink). Just some ideas off the top of my head. Hope it helps.
Best of luck in your new venture.
Angel Brown
The ART of Business specialists


2. "Succesful small town bar"
Posted by Chrystal Plante on 15:09:34 1/13/2006
Dear Angel,
Thank you so much for your insightful information, I will run these ideas by the owners and I am sure that they will agree that these are effecient and inexpensive solutions to get the ball rolling.


3. "Successful small town bar"
Posted by Anthony Jones on 13:29:36 1/26/2006
You may also want to look into making your bar a venue for monthly meetings . There are dozens of network groups in your city probably that could use places to hold there meeetings if you offer incentives. Its just a matter of making some calls, putting together an incentive proposal and getting it to the right people.

If your owner needs any assistance in that area, feel free to email me at

Anthony Jones - Business Development Consultant

>I am currently starting to manage a
>midsize sports bar in a small
>town, and the problem is lack
>of customers and strong competition.
>What are some fresh ideas to
>get this bar ahead of the


4. "Are you doing something for "
Posted by richardm on 18:05:51 1/26/2006
the super bowl? Every big event you should have something going. And really it will not cost you alot.

You can approach a rent to own company about lending you a big screen TV. One I work with gladdly sends out several for every big game or event. All they want is for you to allow them to put signs or banners around it. Then all you have to do is run ads to promote it.

You can also develop a niche for your bar. One I work with has made itself into the racing bar. It has about 8 tvs and plays the races ever time they are on. Those nascar fans are very loyal.
good luck


5. "maybe this can help"
Posted by clemson77on on 16:55:17 2/04/2006
One way you can increase your profit immediately is get control of your beverages. Most bars are losing 15-40% in profits by bartenders overpouring, giving drinks away, or just plain theft. A beverage audit company like mine, can come in and reduce your losses to 5% or less. Immediate profit plus now you can lower your prices and gain more voulume! Our company is ASHCO Beverage Auditors, but were localized in South Carolina. I'm not sure of your location, but Bevinco (one of our competitors) is international & probably in your location.


6. "successful small town bar"
Posted by Jack on 20:57:27 2/04/2006
Dating svcs. like like to promote mixers for specific age groups at local pubs, it's been creating a buss in my area the last few mos. Also, valentines day isn't to far off. Another popular approach is having a local radio station host a specific party at your establishment. Try a bachelor or bachelorette auction for a specific age group that also works. Maybe even a singles pool tournament could draw a crowd. Good luck.




7. "Promo idea"
Posted by Brian on 02:50:11 2/10/2006
I used to own a bottled water store. My partner and I imported a new water tech, very healthy, I can get into the science but I'll spare.

bottled water tech prevents hangover, actually mineral tap water, with electric treatment.

Weird huh?

Administer by adding as ice cubes or maximum strength water shots.

Prevents 5 causes of hangover.
Could price by ice cube or water shot.
Works for japanese people.


8. "Nightclub Bar & Magazine"
Posted by Chris on 12:45:18 2/13/2006
Check out ... this is the website for the trade magazine Nightclub Bar & Magazine. Check out the "Profitable Promotions" pages for some ideas and definitely think about subscribing to this magazine. I have seen a few copies and its definitely worth the subscription price.



9. "bar marketing"
Posted by Tina Janke on 10:05:56 3/13/2006
I don't know what city and state you are in. And I do not know your alcohol regulations but most states allow you have sponsored events.

For example:
Spring Fever-spring starts 3/20.
Mar. 29 National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
Apr. 15 Husband Appreciation Day
Apr. 1/Sept 30 Home Improvement Time
May 11 Eat What You Want Day
May 22-29 National Backyard Games Week
June 18 National Splurge Day
April-Baseball opening Day, Master's Golf
May- Indy 500, Kentucky Derby
June-NBA, NHL finals; US Open golf, Wimbledon
July- Basbeball Allstar game
August-Brickyard 400, PGA Championship, US Open Tennis
Sept-NFL begins, Ryder Cup
Oct-World Series, Winston Cup, NHL opening
Dec-winter sports

You could have an event whereby one of your beer vendors would sponsor the event. Possibly one each month for a particular sport.

For example, Anheuser-Busch To Unleash Tiger Beer In United States. So you could get together with your Anheuser distributor and ask if Anheuser would sponsor an event for you. Usually when a "new beer" is being launched beer companies have extra promo dollars available.

(“While beer drinkers in Asia have been enjoying Tiger for many decades, drinkers in America are only beginning to discover the unique taste of Asia in Tiger in trendy bars and Asian fusion-style restaurants in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Miami,” said Mr. James Wong, general manager, Tiger Export Pte Ltd, the global exporter of Tiger Beer for Asia Pacific Breweries)

I did an event a while back for a local bar. And we got Red Dog beer to sponsor. They flipped the bill for radio ads, print ads, giveaways, like blinking red eyes on a dog pins, etc. Tiger probably has banners, pins, hats, etc. Which became prizes for drawings at the event. I also used local co-op advertising dollars with the bar's food vendors and got free food. The bar just had to use the food vendors logo and tag line in all advertising.

So you might want to serve Asian food with the Tiger beer and create an entire promo around it.
Or couple it with a sports event like baseball or golf, partnering with a local sporting goods store whereby they use their co-op dollars and you give away golf balls or baseballs.


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