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"Promotional Product Ideas"

Table of Contents
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Promotional Product Ideas, Walter, 11:07:21, 8/08/2001
Promotional ltems, Beth Kalish, 20:01:25, 8/08/2001, (#1)
Promotional Items, Stewart, 04:41:07, 8/09/2001, (#2)
Mouse Pads and Mailers, Walter, 23:24:11, 8/10/2001, (#6)
Think about what people will be using your promo i..., Rae, 07:09:46, 8/09/2001, (#3)
Promotion, Philip, 15:26:34, 8/09/2001, (#4)
Mouse pads part two, David, 18:04:11, 8/09/2001, (#5)
Promo's, Ryan Schade, 15:23:17, 8/11/2001, (#7)
Promo Stuff, linki, 22:12:43, 8/11/2001, (#8)
Promotional Product Ideas - "Book-Marker&qu..., Rita, 21:09:56, 8/14/2001, (#9)
Other Advertising Ideas, Jay, 09:04:33, 8/16/2001, (#10)


"Promotional Product Ideas"
Posted by Walter on 11:07:21 8/08/2001
Hello. I've been told by some of my clients that I should use promotional products to further my website development business. I have pens with my name on them and I have stationary and business cards - the standard business stuff.

But what I was wondering is what the most effective promotional products (ie. t-shirts, hats, golf balls, etc.) with my name on them would build the best credibility and get me remembered. I'm looking for cost-effective promotional product ideas - any suggestions? I'm checking out, but their selection is so large I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone help?

Walter Kerr
President, Carson Designs
Affordable Web Design


1. "Promotional ltems"
Posted by Beth Kalish on 20:01:25 8/08/2001
I would find something that your clients would use daily. Maybe coffee mugs and a sample of coffee? If they are sitting having a cup of joe while working on their computer it be something they'd see often.
Beth Kalish
Hanky Kids Parenting Books


2. "Promotional Items"
Posted by Stewart on 04:41:07 8/09/2001
Walter, I have spent a lot of money over the years on promotional items and thought I was pretty knowlegable about what worked. That was until I met Richie Scheinblum of Thunder Promotional Products. He has the best and largest suppliers of gifts and gadgets that I have encountered. He can be contacted at based in Marietta Georgia.
770 509 0611.
Good luck


6. "Mouse Pads and Mailers"
Posted by Walter on 23:24:11 8/10/2001
I like the mouse pad idea a lot! I hadn't thought of it before but I think it is very relevant to my business. The only thing is that I'd like to have a product that a lot of people see on a regular basis. How many other people get to see one person's mouse pad? I like the idea though for sending to select prospects and I will probably use it.

As for the direct mailing idea, I think that would be an avenue I will definatly take.

Thank you.

Walter Kerr
President, Carson Designs
Affordable Web Design


3. "Think about what people will be using your promo items for."
Posted by Rae on 07:09:46 8/09/2001
When you are looking for effective Promo items, you need to put yourself in the client's (or potential client's) position. What will they be doing when the need to think of you?

In other words, will they be sitting at their computer wondering who to get to design their web site for them, or will they be thinking about web site design while pulling your t-shirt out of their dresser drawer in the morning while getting dressed?

Think about the items they will be using at their desk, something useful to the kinds of people you will be marketing to.

How many times a day do you actually LOOK at your keychain? Coffe mugs are fine for people who drink coffee from a coffee pot. I don't drink coffee and would never pour my Dr. Pepper into one. Sooooo many people buy coffee at Starbucks etc.. and don't use a coffee cup.

Just some things to think about. Look at each item and decide if it would be useful to your potential clients and if your name will be sitting in front of them when they need it.


4. "Promotion"
Posted by Philip on 15:26:34 8/09/2001
How about "mouse pads" (forgive me if they are actually called something else) printed with your logo and contact details? These seem to be cheap and quite relevant to your business.
By "mouse pads", you know I mean that mat the mouse goes on, right?


5. "Mouse pads part two"
Posted by David on 18:04:11 8/09/2001
Rats, I was just going to mention mouse pads...

One other idea though: what about approaching a local designer/illustrator, even a locally based print shop about splitting expenses for this promotion -- you get lower mailing costs, probably free art and design so long as everyone's name appears on the product, PLUS a good excuse to approach people who are also potential clients for your services...

Just thinking out loud...

David Chastain
10,000 Things
Web design, hosting and e-commerce for small business


7. "Promo's"
Posted by Ryan Schade on 15:23:17 8/11/2001
Hi Walter,

I sell promotional products, so maybe I can give you some insight. You said your using pens, so your currently using the #1 promotional product on the market. I'd suggest "desk" related items, as if your client is looking for web design, most likely they have a PC, therefore a desk. Items like Post-It notes, Paper Note cubes, and the old stand by calendars are good ideas because they are useful items. Things out of the ordinary would be things like paper stands, monitor mirrors, e-mail/phone index, @ shaped letter openers.

I know one person who previously posted said "how often do I look at my key-chain or my coffee mug" That's a true statement, in fact it's not to often that I look at my t-shirt and think of going to their site, but when I wear the shirt I become a walking billboard for them, and other people might say "Hey, I've never heard of that site, I'll check it out when I get home." So remeber the item isn't always intended to benefit the person who receives the promo, but the people who they come in contact with.

Hope that helps, and if you need any assistance feel free to ask!

Ryan Schade


8. "Promo Stuff"
Posted by linki on 22:12:43 8/11/2001
This message board program takes my paragraphs away, so excuse the one long paragraph.... K? I am way too bugged out now to find and separte them, perhps you can make a "game of it"

Gosh, but I am tired of those same boring, flat key chains & I felt so special getting them from vendors when I was young! (Prob. cuz they were newer and rare ... and since my parents drank like fish and had lots of parties w/others who did, they 'kissed up' to their customer's kid to keep / gain those valuable "points" I think there are two key chain issues here ... intimate and new fashion. a treat just creative enough to "beat out the pens and pencils ... and stay in the customer's hands.... and remained them.... and give their kids.... those owners showed they would go "all out" for their customers! Getting a specially printed "gift" like this very functional, cool, and creative key chain.... inspired! New and different and having some sort of business with your business, (don't give away miniature baby dolls to clients of an abortion clinic to thank them for coming and giving your company the business seems wrong. An individual thing almost. Now, you grin and toss them from your purse each month, as they will weigh you down if they were to remain collecting there. However, the poor tired key chains are at best, old & boring and that is just pretty much nothing. I don't believe they have any value at all, even as a happy freebie for their client and handed to them with "bells on" - Special is not there ... value, nothing, a sense of a company or bus owner going out of his way for "you" because he is so happy to see "your" special little face once again buying a candy bar and coke.... They have more people ... bigger population, and tough cookies to please ... and it is not the fact that a place is giving out a Freddie or not, the result seems not too terrible different.... (The only exception is a company fair presentation, such as a bride's dress store attending a bridle fair ... everyone is sort of disappointed without something in their hands from each booth or table ... that's still a treat for them and others who attend those.... To be the Ollie table or booth without may be very bad for your image ... hey, shallow is not gone! (But, not a key chain with a wedding cake on)! I would suggest to you (or me if I could afford it... someday) To get a few different levels of product. If budget allows you to purchase the mime, for example, of three printed goodies, get some very "e-cheap-so" (and they will shine too in a way, if the cheap-Os are colorful, bright and that color makes you feel good inside! Use that freebie for the started level areas and the baby steps in company promotions and branding. If you were to liquor store guy, you'd save them to make an incredibly happy Mom with her little league son ... buying ice cream after the game dada ... new to the store, the area, out going and appreciative... pop one or even two her way ... who needs the drunks, it's the only lie store they could get to if they were blind and drunk.... The second level freebie, how bout some of those fancy fairs that they are expected AND, if they were just THAT much more fancy, (we know that nothing will remove points for your shop ... but we also know the "best" freebie in the lot means the nicest and most respected and financial set store (ah, but we all knew how we all judge things ... just don't say it so much). Top level. Enclosed with a thank you letter for an amazingly great letter they wrote your company... (Rare people the time) This will be so cool ... you feel good, like you want to make them, (personal ... just the same reason those key chains worked when I was young ... personal feel good stuff) When that already pleased customer gets an out-of the blue thanks and a cool freebie rarely if ever seen, without her ordering it or expecting it, boy will she really be excited then! She will have to tell the whole story oaf how she wrote you sweet people and you took the time to write back to her and then she got this... wow, good marketing the best, word of mouth! Worth that third level freebie. Most who print crap for you do they same products. Go online to a novelty store, (like oriental trading) and get your freebies ... for example, they sell these little fortune telling fish in little plastic envelopes (which can be made personal on the outside and hold that little functional, cool fish everyone will try.... Or, a cool Nan air freshener ball to hang on the rear view mirror of a customer's car ... add a catchy slogan that can be worked into the products ad your product ad a corny little saying in the middle... you are a winner to many more than those creepy anode out dated keys! Sorry about the spelling, I tend to ramble and take excessively much time doing that and so my fingers are not terribly careful...


9. "Promotional Product Ideas - "Book-Marker""
Posted by Rita on 21:09:56 8/14/2001
Hi there,

I have this suggestion to fulfill your cost-effective - "Book-Marker". Because, everyone must reading, right?!
You can consider to use different such as paper, plastic or metal with good printing what do you want to print it out.

May be i can help you to source it in Mainland China for get a good price deal.

Good luck.



10. "Other Advertising Ideas"
Posted by Jay on 09:04:33 8/16/2001

Ever consider "badges" ?

Hello Walter.

Am currently operating a Promotion business,
which uses 'badges'. (among other items)

What I am proposing is your allowing JSP
(my biz) to help in creating, a variety of
"badges"*... proudly advertising your image
(logo) and/or message.

*Have several types of 'badges' available.
(pin/sticky backed, mirrored and keychain)

Once/if you decide to go further, we will
discuss my other items & terms... later.



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