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"Grants and Start up Seed Money"

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Grants and Start up Seed Money, Bernie, 09:58:30, 1/10/2003
grants............., Jennifer, 21:07:14, 1/11/2003, (#1), Kat, 21:28:51, 1/14/2003, (#2)
maybe this will help, Kat, 21:31:44, 1/14/2003, (#3)
Grants and Start up Seed Money., JONJUA, 22:16:29, 1/18/2003, (#4)
Grants and Start-up Funding, Thomas BC Rogers, 14:29:14, 1/21/2003, (#5)
non-profit club for kids, marian fuller, 18:35:10, 1/21/2003, (#6)
Non-Profit Club Development, Thomas BC Rogers, 18:42:15, 1/21/2003, (#7)
Business as non-profit, Cynthia, 09:05:30, 1/23/2003, (#9)
"Business as non-profit", Thomas BC Rogers, 11:44:17, 1/23/2003, (#10)
RE: Grants and Start-up Funding, John, Alton's GiftNetCentral, 22:29:08, 1/24/2003, (#12)
RE: "Grants and Start up Seed Money", John, Alton's GiftNetCentral, 22:19:52, 1/24/2003, (#11)


"Grants and Start up Seed Money"
Posted by Bernie on 09:58:30 1/10/2003
I need advice on grants to help me start a new retail catalog and Internet business on a larger scale. My business has a high potential and will also be set up to provide fundraising opportunities for non Profit orgs in Michigan.


1. "grants............."
Posted by Jennifer on 21:07:14 1/11/2003
Has anyone ever heard of I recently stumbled upon this one on my search for funding. They charge a $45 application fee, what's up with that? Let me know what you think of this one..................


2. ""
Posted by Kat on 21:28:51 1/14/2003
I applied with this organization back in 96/97. At that time they had a monthly pledge of $25 and you are not guaranteed a grant. After I sent in my monthly "pledge" of $25 for approx 8 months, I receive a grant for $250.00 The grant I was seeking at that time was $50,000 to do business in Japan where I was living.

My experience with this organization was not a good one and discontinued using them. Though with that $250 grant I did indeed help a family that needed food.

If you had a different experience with this org, I say good on you but I personally wouldn't waste my money.



3. "maybe this will help"
Posted by Kat on 21:31:44 1/14/2003
1) If you would like to pursue the many federal grant programs that are available go to your local library and read the Federal Catalog of Domestic Assistance or

It lists the many hundreds of federal grant money programs available. You can also contact the Grant Foundation Center in New York - 1-800-424-9836 You should also review the �Awards, Honors & Prizes,� published by Gale. It lists about 3,100 corporate cash awards, prize money and small grants.


2) The Premier FastTrac Program offers an array of entrepreneurial grant and assistance programs. They boast of a billion dollars available to help young entrepreneurs. They have 10 locations throughout the US. To find the nearest location write:

FastTrac National Headquarters

Entrepreneurial Education Foundation

7555 East Hampden Ste 501

Denver, CO 80231


3) Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR)

Grants are available through such government agencies as the Department of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services. Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the National Science Foundation and NASA. Phase I grants are up to $50,000. Phase II grants are up to $500,000. For more information on these grants visit: or call SBA - 1-202-205-6450 These grants are obtained by bidding on projects the government needs performed by existing businesses with a track record.


4) Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) provides minority owned start-ups and existing businesses with financial aid, management assistance and help in increasing profits. For more information, write:

Minority Business Development Agency

Department of Commerce

14th and Constitution Ave NW

Room 5099

Washington, DC 20230


5) Bank Turndown Financing Source

If your bank has turned you down, you should contact your local Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). These lenders have over $1.5 billion to lend and not just to women or minority owned firms. To find the nearest CDFI write:

National Community Capital Association

924 Cherry St

2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19107-2411


6) Venture Capital

If you�re seeking venture capital for your emerging company contact the following:


7) SBIC Venture Capital Firms

For a list of Small Business Investment Company venture capital firms call 202-289-4336 or write:

National Association of Investment Companies

1111 14th St

Suite 700

Washington, DC 20005


8) If you�re seeking small amounts of financing you may want to contact your local Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) There are over 500 AEO type organizations located throughout the US.

These AEO�s will either lend you cash or give you a small cash grant, for various reasons, including starting or operating a business. The dollar amount varies from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For a list of offices in your state write:

Association for Enterprise Opportunity

0 East Lake St Ste 620

Chicago, IL 60601-5907


9) State Money Sources

Each state offers their residents financing (and grants) to start up or expand your business and for other purposes. Check your local Commerce or Economic Development Center.


10) Trade Associations

Trade associations offer many helpful resources for businesses. Including trade leads, networking opportunities and group insurance plans.

The American Home Business Association -

Co-Op America - 202-872-5307

Home Business Institute -

National Association for the Self-Employed -

Small Business Service Bureau - 1- 800-343-0939

American Association of Home Based Businesses -

Larger firms can find information on associations in the Encyclopedia of Associations, by Gale Research at your local library.


>I need advice on grants to help
>me start a new retail catalog
>and Internet business on a larger
>scale. My business has a
>high potential and will also be
>set up to provide fundraising opportunities
>for non Profit orgs in Michigan.


4. "Grants and Start up Seed Money."
Posted by JONJUA on 22:16:29 1/18/2003
Have read about your idea of a new retail catalogue and internet business in Michigan with great interest. Your desire to provide non-profit organisations with an avenue to raise funding is indeed greatly appreciated.
Is it a new economy business OR a mix of the old brick and mortar complex with internet marketing, etc.?
Sure you would have a business plan answering all these queries and showing the investor where the money lies.
Can always discuss in detail by E-mail -
Wish you every success.


5. "Grants and Start-up Funding"
Posted by Thomas BC Rogers on 14:29:14 1/21/2003
Not to make anyone feel there is no chance that you not be able to receive some source of funding, but after serious and in dept research, I have found that there are no such thing as "Business Grants" unless it is some kind of competition or a contest. There are business start-up loans, but no grants. The best thing for you to do is invest into your own business, write your business plan, and then aim for a bank or investor angel network to help you. Another good thing is to become a "Non-Profit" and then be able to get grants based on your entity and the subject matter of the grant you are trying to get from a variety of foundations and even governmental entities. If you need any help, you can always e-mail me or even visit my business/organization�s website


6. "non-profit club for kids"
Posted by marian fuller on 18:35:10 1/21/2003
how do i start a non-profit business that educates urban teens and youth in my community.i have a club called kids alert how do i register the club for non-profit status.and how do i begin to seek funds by fund raising.


7. "Non-Profit Club Development"
Posted by Thomas BC Rogers on 18:42:15 1/21/2003
Dear Ms. Marian Fuller,

If this questions was directed to me, please visit my website at and then e-mail me at so we can discuss how I can help you get started. It is actually very easy, but a lot of work if you are ready for the run around and the loads of things to do!

>how do i start a non-profit business
>that educates urban teens and youth
>in my community.i have a club
>called kids alert how do i
>register the club for non-profit status.and
>how do i begin to seek
>funds by fund raising.


9. "Business as non-profit"
Posted by Cynthia on 09:05:30 1/23/2003
Is it possible to file for non-profit status for a financial services business that provides bookkeeping and accounting services?


10. ""Business as non-profit""
Posted by Thomas BC Rogers on 11:44:17 1/23/2003
Dear Cynthia,

Yes, it is possible to file as a non-profit and consult in Financial Services. Companies do it all the time, and you may have to include throughtout the process of filing for a nonprofit status your price list or each service and how you will maintain them. It is a little difficult to apply for a nonprofit status when you still have for-profit income involved, but it is possible!

For more information, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or visit my website for more information at

>Is it possible to file for non-profit
>status for a financial services business
>that provides bookkeeping and accounting services?


12. "RE: Grants and Start-up Funding"
Posted by John, Alton's GiftNetCentral on 22:29:08 1/24/2003
Point understood. There are a lot of rip-off artists offering grants, and you right, this is probably the wrong way to go. A SBA loan, or a conventional business loan may be the best route. A SBA loan allows about 7 years for re-payment, if I remember right, but it also requires a certain amount as a down payment. I had looked into this, briefly. I do want to thank you for your honesty, and good advice.


11. "RE: "Grants and Start up Seed Money""
Posted by John, Alton's GiftNetCentral on 22:19:52 1/24/2003
Dear Bernie,

I read your message posted on Cyberschmooz, and I was wondering if you had heard anything yet, and if you could possibly refer me to a possible Grant source? I'll be happy to do likewise, meaning, if I come across a "valid" source for a grant, I'd be happy to let you know about it also. We're both sort of in the same boat. I am trying to start a similar type of business to yours, in New Albany, IN. I will be doing retail, wholesale to businesses, catalog/mail order, and, eventually go online with it. So far, working from the catalog only, isn't getting me anywhere.

Thank you,


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