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"Is roof cleaning a good business?"

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Is roof cleaning a good business?, Patrick, 12:38:20, 4/11/2006
Roof Cleaning, Steve Patrick, 17:32:04, 4/12/2006, (#1)
Roof Cleaning, Patrick, 19:18:33, 4/12/2006, (#2)
Liability,Liability, Terry, 21:37:48, 4/12/2006, (#3)
Clean Away!, John, 00:49:13, 4/13/2006, (#4)
Roof Cleaning but better is.., Daryl Des Marais, 23:35:39, 4/13/2006, (#5)
Roof cleaning business, Jerry Green, 03:19:50, 4/23/2006, (#6)
Roof Cleaning, Victor, 11:18:09, 5/05/2006, (#7)
Roof Cleaning Business, Johnny, 23:02:06, 5/11/2006, (#8)
Roof Cleaning can be huge business, Annie, 15:02:07, 5/21/2006, (#9)


"Is roof cleaning a good business?"
Posted by Patrick on 12:38:20 4/11/2006
I just wanted to know if anyone has any knowledge on the roof cleaning business. Can you make a good income with this kind of business? Does anyone know of any roof cleaning franchises? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


1. "Roof Cleaning"
Posted by Steve Patrick on 17:32:04 4/12/2006
I have a customer who has a roof cleaning and restoration business. He works only on cedar shake roofs. They have a tendency to discolor and mold in shady areas.

The only downside is that the work is seasonal up here (Illinois). Weather restricts him to the months between April and October.

The upside was that he made enough money in these months to last him all year. The same principle can be applied to deck cleaning.

Unless you're also a chemist, it would probably be good to check into franchises for this type of business.

Good Luck,


2. "Roof Cleaning"
Posted by Patrick on 19:18:33 4/12/2006
Hello Steve, Thanks for your reply. I'm in Florida, and most of what we have are asphalt and tile roofs. Seems like it could be an all year around thing here. Yes, I am very interested in finding a good franchise company. There is only one company that I can find. , I did find 2 dealership type companies, but I think I would rather go the franchise route. Do you know of any other companies? Thanks for your help.


3. "Liability,Liability"
Posted by Terry on 21:37:48 4/12/2006
I don't want to sound negative, buuut, usually the only people that clean roof also repair and replace because there is great liability with just cleaning because when you put a couple hundred pound guy on a roof to walk around with possibly a high pressure cleaner there's a good chance he'll cause a leak and then your responsible for repairs. Most anyone that cleans roofs, repairs and replaces roofs also and they use the cleaning as bait, you call for a cleaning they climb on the roof and tell you-you've got problems you need....$$$$$, so just cleaning might be a headache. You might be careful enough but if you grew would your employee?? Now there might be a solution depending on the roofs you'll be servicing, I 've lived in Fla all my life and the older homes have kind of a cement tile that you can seal after cleaning. The sealing material is like rubber when it drys so if you've pressure washed to hard and caused a crack it seals it up. So you might look into washing and sealing. But I promise you if you walk around a roof and pressure wash 7 out of 10 roofs will leak. Terry


4. "Clean Away!"
Posted by John on 00:49:13 4/13/2006
Terry does have a couple of good points, but he is not describing a professional roof cleaning company. But rather some person that doesn't have the knowledge/skills or training or the equipment to clean a roof in the correct manner. I have been in the roof cleaning business for the past 10 years in Tampa. I have personally cleaned at least 1200 roofs without one single problem. If you follow the roofing manufacturers guidelines to the tee, you won't have any problems. I have had my employees do the cleaning now for many years. No problem there either. I have taken the time needed to find top employees, and pay them well, and Provided full training. Roofs should never be pressure washed! This is not the recomended cleaning method. Only chemical cleaning systems should be used. Chemical cleaning works on both tile and shingle roofs. You can also chemical wash the whole exteriors of houses too. I don't know of a single roofing contractor who cleans roofs. Not one! In Tampa when you want your roof cleaned the right way by a professional, you call a roof cleaning company. Now you do see some pressure washing companies get up on roofs, but these most often are the people screwing up roofs. I have seen it time and time again. So Terry is right on that comment. If you want to get into this business, do it the right way. Learn everything you can about roof cleaning. Get out there and practice. Talk to other roof cleaning companies. Just ask alot of questions. By the way, I know the guys over at Roof Butler. This is a great company. I have never heard of any complaints about them. I don't know if Richard is selling franchises yet but they are running a good operation over there. I hope I have helped in some small way. Good luck!


5. "Roof Cleaning but better is.."
Posted by Daryl Des Marais on 23:35:39 4/13/2006
Roof cleaning may be good, but a better business would be gutter cleaning as there are a lot of older people who can not access this or will spend the $ to save the time. Also the charge can be higher due to the time spent. Anything to do with cleaning systems or even air systems can be very profitable.

Daryl Des Marais


6. "Roof cleaning business"
Posted by Jerry Green on 03:19:50 4/23/2006
>Roof cleaning may be good, but a
>better business would be gutter cleaning
>as there are a lot of
>older people who can not access
>this or will spend the $
>to save the time. Also the
>charge can be higher due to
>the time spent. Anything to do
>with cleaning systems or even air
>systems can be very profitable.

>Daryl Des

We have been in the roof cleaning business six yrs now, The first two were part time, know it is a full time job. so yes there is money to be made out there, just do your homework and good luck. Jerry Green Happy House Wash Inc.


7. "Roof Cleaning"
Posted by Victor on 11:18:09 5/05/2006
Patrick I'm looking to get into roof cleaning also. Did you ever start your business? I'm looking for help too.


8. "Roof Cleaning Business"
Posted by Johnny on 23:02:06 5/11/2006
Hey Patrick,

The whole aspect of cleaning sounds great, however, in certain areas of the country where you have incliment weather, it can be tough during those cold months. Cleaning in and of itself is very diversified. Where you from exactly? Drop me a line when you get a chance and I would love to throw out an idea your way. email: Take care

- Johnny


9. "Roof Cleaning can be huge business"
Posted by Annie on 15:02:07 5/21/2006
I am part of Roof-A-Cide and we specialize in doing Roof Cleaning & Stain Prevention for whole communities. We have locations all over Florida and we have also started branching out into:

North Carolina
South Carolina
New Jersey
and Texas

We focus not only on the cleaning - but more importantly, preventing stains and it's not unusual for us to do 500-600 homes at a time.

Also, the majority of the businesses that are signing on with us are Professional Roofers.

If you do it right, you can make very good money.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit:

You might also want to do a search on "Professional Roof Cleaning" to find other companies that are offering what you are looking for.


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