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"Drive-Thru convenience store (realistic?)"

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Drive-Thru convenience store (realistic?), Kevin, 07:37:16, 3/30/2006
Yes they are!, Bobbie, 15:56:10, 3/30/2006, (#1)
reply, Rose, 22:17:44, 3/30/2006, (#2)
Beverage Drive Thru, Richard, 21:02:30, 4/02/2006, (#3)
EXTREMELY SUCCESFUL, John, 18:12:42, 4/08/2006, (#4)
Do it!, Olivia, 17:44:52, 4/09/2006, (#5)
Drive thru store, Penny, 06:13:29, 4/18/2006, (#6)
drive thru convenience store, Jan, 12:35:16, 4/27/2006, (#7)
Impulse Buying, penny, 14:49:07, 4/27/2006, (#8)
Impulse buying, CC, 00:41:01, 4/28/2006, (#9)
P.S., CC, 00:53:32, 4/28/2006, (#10)


"Drive-Thru convenience store (realistic?)"
Posted by Kevin on 07:37:16 3/30/2006
This sounds kind of ridiculous...but in such a fast paced world, could a drive-thru convenience store actually work? Once orders are taken, there could be runners who retrieve basic products such as toothpaste, soda, aspirin, and various other goods you would normally pick-up at your local Walgreen's and such. Obviously the system would have to be extremely streamlined to be succesfull, but I am just hoping for some thoughts right now. Thanks!


1. "Yes they are!"
Posted by Bobbie on 15:56:10 3/30/2006
They have then in a town a used to live in - shoot -- the name of the stores has slipped my mind :( But, I always saw people driving by picking up milk, eggs, the basics... things that you don't really want to stop at a store to get every day.

The store was very small with doors on either side so you could have two cars and the cachier could walk quickly between the two doors.

I don't know if they were profitable but there were always people there

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2. "reply"
Posted by Rose on 22:17:44 3/30/2006
There is a whole chain of them called Dairy Barn in New York & probably many other places. Just like you dais, you drive up, place your order & someone runs & retreives it for you. This has been around for at least 30 years in NY that I know of. I don't know where you are, but it would probably do well. You would need a free standing building though. Good luck.


3. "Beverage Drive Thru"
Posted by Richard on 21:02:30 4/02/2006
Hey Kevin, I'm from Tampa, Florida and these beverage drive thrus are part of everyday life here. I'm a heavy user as are many people here. I've been in Tampa for 20 years and all of the same stores are all still in operation. Plus all of the new locations. Our bev drive thrus are not free standing, but located in strip malls in the end caps. One roll up door in front and one in rear. It's a very simple set-up. I'm guessing they are about 1500-2000 square feet. The coolers are lined up on both sides, and they are staffed with 1 person most days and by 2 people on fridays and saturdays. I hope this info helps.


Posted by John on 18:12:42 4/08/2006
In Nags Head, North Carolina, BREW THRU dominates the drive thru convenience store market. You drive up; nice cashier attend to you. You open your trunk; and the cashier places the stuff in your trunk. BREW THRU is now franchising.

I am thinking of opening up some (not BREW THRU) my own brand in a new area.


5. "Do it!"
Posted by Olivia on 17:44:52 4/09/2006
Open a drive-through convenience store in my town and I will use you for everything I can.

I HATE grocery store shopping!


6. "Drive thru store"
Posted by Penny on 06:13:29 4/18/2006
A couple of years ago I wanted to open one of these in our area...I KNOW people will use it a LOT...especially the elderly and moms with kids in the car (who wants to drag 3 kids into the grocery store--all the way to the back, JUST TO GET MILK?!)

I ran the numbers and thought it would be feasible, but I didn't have a lot of support for the idea from family and I was discouraged...but that's ok because I fell into a different business that I LOVE and it fits me and my life so much better than running a drive thru grocery.

I'd say if there isn't already a drive thru store in your area it would probably be profitable! (I know I'd shop there!) Good luck!


7. "drive thru convenience store"
Posted by Jan on 12:35:16 4/27/2006
Great idea. Maybe consider a combination grocery pick-up with drive thru. Order your groceries on the phone or internet in advance and pick up at the drive thru. Fast and convenient. Avoids impulse buying.


8. "Impulse Buying"
Posted by penny on 14:49:07 4/27/2006
>Avoids impulse buying.

This is exactly why my brother said it wouldn't work. Let's say you need a gallon of milk... the price at a drive-thru store would have to be a lot higher than at other convenience/grocery stores (that you'd have to walk thru) because you're not going to be as tempted to pick up those little "extras" that were not on your list...this is why the milk is always at the BACK of the store...they want you to see a lot of other products in the hopes that you'll pick up a few other things.

If you don't have as much "impulse buying" your prices will have to reflect that.

I still say people will be willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of not having to (if they're parents) drag all the kids into the store or (if they're elderly) deal with the slush/snow/cold in the winter time.


9. "Impulse buying"
Posted by CC on 00:41:01 4/28/2006
This idea is sound.

Back in Miami I grew up going to buy milk, soda, bread at Farm Stores. They sold lots of stuff, beer, cigarettes, more than I can think of right now. I have no idea if they are still around but they had them all over the place. When I moved away I was surprised to find that there were no similar stores in Cali. where I moved to.

Anyway what they'd do was put all the powdered donut packs and other things that go great with milk right out there by where you'd drive through. You can still have the impulse buys. Maybe not if you get fancy with an online ordering and pay system. Set up magazines, junk food, bunches of cut flowers, etc. right by the driver's window.


10. "P.S."
Posted by CC on 00:53:32 4/28/2006
As a mom with a 5 year old I would ADORE a store like this in my area, if it were done right. (clean, quick, no sleaze, smart & polite staff, quality items)

With regards to impules buying, you can always have your staff do the McD's "would you like fries with that?" trick. "Would you like a six pack of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts with that?" or something along those lines.

Heck, when the cashiers see kids in the seat they can give 'em a balloon. Treats for the dog, too. Make it a fun trip for everyone, moms will keep coming back.


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