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Name: Pamela Escalante Gonzalez

Location: West Bloomfield, MI 

Type of Business:
Coaching for Integrity: life and executive coaching

What does your business do?
As a coach I support my client as they meet their goals. Between life and executive coaching, among many achievements, my clients have improved their GPA by an entire letter grade, eliminated interest on a debt, increased client intake in their business by 2X, created the financial stability to move in with their girlfriend, faced their fear of flying on an airplane and relocating, and successfully transitioned from one job to another within a 12 week period of coaching. All of my services to non-profits and students are pro-bono, and/or offered at a significantly discounted rate.

When and why did you start the biz?
For a long time now, every time I am requested to make a wish I wish for the same thing: peace, love, joy, and fulfillment. I started this tradition when I was 12 years old and my father showed me the movie "The Secret" (based on the book by Rhonda Byrne) for the first time. Then, last year I learned from learning expert Paul Scheele, "The fastest way to receive what you want is by giving it to someone else first." I started this business because of this wish combined with the love that I have for working with people. GHENI means Generating Human Engagement and Nourishing Integrity, and committing to the establishment of this business is my regular reminder to work from this mission. I received my ontological coaching certification in March, 2019, and GHENI was officially registered and in business as of March, 2019. I have been coaching with non-profits and individuals since August of 2018 and have successfully served over 15 clients, however, motivated by the requirements of my coaching certification program.

How Many People are in your Company?

Where's your office?
My office is currently the spare bedroom in my parent's apartment, as they are in the middle of moving homes. This is a step up from the awesome fort-style library-shelf-wall and curtain-door enclosure that I was occupying in my aunt's apartment in Mexico for the last 8 months, as I was working for $20 a week as a coach with a nonprofit dedicated to servicing people living with HIV/AIDS in Mexico City (La Casa de La Sal).

What's the toughest part of running your biz?
The toughest part of running my business is that I am very particular about who I work with, ultimately making it so I have to fundraise for my paycheck. I only work with individuals and organizations who are explicitly studying or involved in community or public service work, innovating social or technological solutions to inequality in the US. Many of my clients have "limited" financial resources. As such, I have taken the initiative to fundraise for the work opportunities that I am passionate about, and where my skills are being solicited. Still, I love what I do as a coach (I ask powerful questions and provide a structure for practical introspection) and I am good at it! I have a lot to contribute to the organizations who invite me to work with them, and the money to support this is all around me, I just have to be a regular at asking for it ;)

What's the most fun part?
Laughing with my clients at our own judgments and grudges; throwing our fears and self-doubt in the literal and metaphorical fire pit. There is no experience quite like that of sharing the feeling of enoughness and faith with another. As a coach, I have the privilege of walking to the edge with each of my clients as they expand the boundaries of their hope, week by week, as some goals are met and new ones are created. To witness an accompany another in the process of creation and belief is a uniquely intimate joy that nourishes my own sense of integrity and sense of hope.

Anything you would have done differently?
Look for grants sooner!! My clients regularly come to the conclusion of and build practices around taking care of themselves. I would have started to take care of my financial security sooner!

What's next on the horizon for your biz?
What is next is to continue my education, training, and experience as a coach in social movement work. Immediately this means continuing to collaborate and build partnerships to fund my somatic coaching certification and coaching programs with non-profits.

What advice do you have for others?
Take care of your language. Language is the primary tool for us to build; so, notice what you build every time you open your mouth! When you talk about your day, your meal, your goals, your fears, your apologies, or a new business idea, where are you sourcing your language? From love? Sadness? Rage? Joy?

How do you use Idea Cafe to help your biz?
I use Idea Cafe primarily to remind me that I am perfect, whole and complete as I am now: it is just fine that I am working pro-bono for my passion projects; there are plenty of awesome innovators who are taking the initiative to collaborate for progress, and unabashedly sharing their experiences and resources. We are all in this earthy and mortal experience together, and thanks to creator hubs such as Idea Cafe, innovation can take place. In fact, as many political philosophy lovers know, cafes have historically served as spaces of intellectual nutrition and financial collaborations for many of the once revolutionary ideas that set precedents today. (see Antonio Gramsci).

School (where, still in school, degree)?
Graduate of Ideal Coaching Global for Ontological Coaching Cert.; graduate of Georgetown University with B.S. in Culture and Politics

Prior jobs or business?
Junior Coach and Research Coordinator amadi Solutions, Mexico City, Mexico - Co-coordinate executive coaching programs - Research various topics including integrity, mindfulness, and effective leadership for the coordination of executive and organizational coaching programs - Co-author and coordinate online training program on personal integrity; co-author book and workbook on personal integrity Program Coordinator Critical Exposure, Washington D.C. - Rebooted and co-coordinated Fellowship program and campaign to implement financial literacy standards and/or a mandatory financial literacy class to DC Public Schools; coordinated campaign research team; co-capacitated Fellows for stakeholder meetings; co-coordinated Design and Action team - Co-coordinated meetings between Fellows and DCPS Head of Teaching and Learning, Brian Pick; State Board of Education Co-Chair of Educational Excellence and Equity, Ruth Wattenberg; and former DCPS Chancellor, Kaya Henderson Campaign Coordinator Student Farmworker Alliance/ Alliance for Fair Food, Immokalee, Florida - Co-founded Georgetown University Student Farmworker Alliance, researched campus climate around sexual assault and social justice, developed recommendations for local and national campaign strategy; implemented strategy and increased DMV college student participation in local events Organizing Beyond Barriers Research Analyst/ Intern Unite Here! Local 23, Washington D.C. - Researched the relationship between private equity management, pension fund management, Private-public-partnerships, and commercial hotel labor contracts - Co-coordinated coalition building for union campaign alongside unionized airport food service workers and hotel workers to secure living wage and benefits - Observed negotiations committee throughout contract negotiations between workers in food service and hotel industry Organizing in Action Research and Policy Analyst, Intern Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. - Researched poultry industry supply chain management - Researched industry practices, worker demographics, health risks and violations, unionizing attempts, lawsuits, OSHA referrals, and process FOIA requests - Co-coordinated project coalition and worked closely with non- profits, workers centers and unions involved with labor rights, poultry workers and food justice - Co-developed a nationwide cross-campus campaign strategy for Just Procurement Policies - Author and co-author presentations and educational materials related to research and campaign Immigration and Labor Project Coordinator, Intern Many Languages One Voice, Washington D.C. - Conducted research on D.C. language access law, D.C. Paid Family Leave Act, and employers to assess their just employment policies and actions - Co-facilitated Summer Institute for Student Organizing for low income, immigrant, and minority DC high school students - Co-facilitated bi-weekly workers’ center meetings and strategize with promoters of workers’ group to develop campaigns for better working conditions and an end to wage theft - Set up and carried out one-on-one technical counseling for city workers experiencing wage theft and other workplace abuses - Post blogs on MLOV actions and event and translate relevant materials

Favorite Food?
cactus in black mole sauce

What are your pets' names?
Topi and Charles Cash Money

Do any of these pets help with your biz?
They help keep me happy so yes

Is there any one person or event in your life that led you to go into business for yourself?
My father. He would remind me almost every day that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. He even had posters printed and put all over our house. It was a lot; and ultimately, what makes me the awesome coach that I am today.

Anyone you publicly want to thank?
Definitely my parents Monica and Roberto Escalante, my abuelas Chablea and Bicha, my tias, and my mentors Ana Escalante and Bettie Spruill, it's actually all you. Also my brother Roberto "Bob" Escalante. Also everyone in my coaching program, ICG Gen 5, WHAT'S GOOD? Also my personal coach Merle McKinley. Also my best friends Ante, Mercurio, and Jack. Like gravity, y'all hold me down. Thank you.

Contact Info:
Pamela Escalante Gonzalez
7671 Kennett Square
West Bloomfield, MI 48324



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