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What was the most interesting, enjoyable, or memorable way you have ever seen Promotional Merchandise being used?
Submited by
Jennifer M.

I think the best way to promote your business is on your vehicle in some way. You are driving around with your name of your business on your vehicle and everyone will see it and you. People will stop and ask questions about the business and I DO believe word of mouth is everything in a business that is going to thrive.

Submited by
Cara B.

I recieved a promotional item for opening jars. It has turned out to be the most usefu item ever. The pens break, caps are cheap, fans rip and cups have BPA. All junk except for the most basic piece of household rubber we all cheer when we are stuck in the kitchen and not a strong hand in site!

Submited by
Rebecca N.

The most memorable promotional merchandise I have ever seen used was by a local Plumbing company.  They had a mini plunger made with their business name and phone number burned into the wood handle.  While the plunger handle is only about 12 inches long and might be usable in a pinch it reminds you of how much easier it is to call a professional with the right tools to get a job done.

Submited by
Kush K.

The most interesting way that I have seen promotional merchandise being used was at a festival this year by an iPhone App company promoting their social media app.  Men and women were dressed as doctors giving out Bracelets with the word “Committed”.  The cure was a code on the bracelet that the individual could scan with their iPhone allowing them to easily download the app.  Of the thousands of people it seemed like everyone was downloading the app.

Submited by
Veronica N.

We ordered and gave away promotional pens when our store first opened.  We sell medical clothing and accessories to healthcare workers.  When my daughter was about to give birth to our first grandchild, a doctor and nurse came in her room, and both were charting with one of our pens!

Submited by
Ashley L.

My name is Ashley, and I recently just started my own marketing strategy for an apartment company I work for. This month we started a $500 off 1st month rent special. However, only walk-in's and word of mouth were finding out about the special. One morning while airing the company balloons for the signage, I had an idea.  I decided to grab a stack full of our promotional flyers...I wrote a personal note...shoved it into the balloon...and in went the helium. It’s a simple idea really :)  I repeted this idea with about 20 more balloons. I then walked outside ~ and away the balloons went.  I didn't think I would get such a response...I actually had 9 calls w/i 24 hours and closed 4 leases. I have been releasing 50 balloons a day for 2 weeks now. It has been a great the way to get the word out.

Submited by
Kirsten K.

When I was a kid, the shipyard my dad worked at a shipyard and they had mood mugs (they changed color when hot liquid was put in them, or when there was any substantial change in temperature. My siblings and I loved it so much that we fought over who got to use it "this time." They made such an impression that when my parents started their business, they decided to hand out promotional mood mugs, which are still a big hit with everyone that recieves them. Many people ask for an extra.

Submited by
Kamica W.

The most enjoyable and memorable way that I have ever seen Promotional Merchandise is when I recieved a box that when you opened them there was a cup, music, and butterflies that flew out of the box. The cup had the company's name on it and the music was the background music from their commercial. I still can't forget that gift. It was the best gift from a company ever to send to just people in the community.

Submited by
Matt S.

Long before the cellphone became a common sight, breaking down in the middle of the desert could have been a dangerous and expensive problem had it not been for my promotional pocket screwdriver. With that promotional pocket screwdriver (and a bit of Yankee ingenuity) I was able to limp my pickup truck back to civilization and make permanent repairs. A 25 mile walk through the desert without water was the only other option. It could be argued that this promotional pocket screwdriver saved my life.

Submited by
Maya B.

Working at VF Corporation, to promote the new launch of the Horace Small line, a 10 foot tall transformer (super cop) came to the Nashville office to hand out caps and keychains to get all of the associates excited and ready to reveal it to the customers.

Submited by
Cecil F.

One if the most memorable ways i have seen promotional merchandise used was at a night club party. The local radio show gave away glow sticks with there name on them. People tend to keep glowsticks and everyone remembers the club and the glowsticks.

Submited by
Felicia D.

One teacher gathered promotional items at a local trade show for students in her class to help cover the cost of school supplies. The students were allowed to take these pens, pencils, rulers and other items homes to do their homework. This helped promote local businesses to the parents.

Submited by
Stephanie H.

The most enjoyable promotional merchandise I've received was a stack of post it notes from UPS Freight.  They put their post it notes on little tiny pallets.  The first time I saw them, I was so excited because they were just so cute.  It was a very clever idea for a freight company.  Not only do I use the sticky notes daily, but I utilize their freight services daily too.  Awesome idea and promo gift!

Submited by
Karrie R.

Every time we visit a Omni hotel, my 6 year old daughter receives a Omni Kids Bag, which is normally a back-pack filled with promotional items and goodies. The back-pack excites the kids and also has some really neat items in it. Our last bag included a Omni pen and pad, just for my daughter to use, a magnifying glass, a pirate's map- which also had a map of the hotel amenities, a healthy snack, a hacky sack and a bandana. All of the items had the Omni logo on them, but they were also very colorful and creatively designed to catch kids attention. That back-pack was carried throughout the entire trip, it was small and convenient, and attractive for either a girl or boy to carry. Everyone asked about it and it really gave off the idea that families are accomodated very nicely at the Omni hotel chain. Anytime i mention hotels, my daughter says " Oh I hope it will be a Omni Hotel!"  

Submited by
Sultaneh R.

I saw this bakery using balloons to make a big cake shape. They also had cookies and mini cakes with their business info on it, being passed out at a mall like business cards! They had people wear their tshirts dressed as candles, standing on a cake platform! That was my favorite memory as a kid!

Submited by
Damion G.

I am a competitive person by nature hence any activity which incorporates competition, I find to be interesting, enjoyable and memorable.  I have a friend who is the director of a rehabilitation facility which had just changed ownership. She was given the job of breaking the news to her team in a non threatening way. She organized the employees into teams and then had a contest, with the winners receiving as prizes different promotional merchandise for the new company. This served as a kind of ice breaker therefore when the subject of the takeover was introduced, it was well received.

Submited by
Jessica K.

The most creative promotional piece I have ever seen is a business card for a barber shop. It is clear except for a moustache. You hold the card up to your face and... instant moustache! The name and phone number of the business is placed strategically so it can be covered by the fingers holding the card for the perfecting on a photo op!

Submited by
Meggin B.

The best promotional merchandise I have ever seen was just recently at a local concert.  It was a foot wear company but they were giving out simple paper masks that people could wear.  The mask was of a random, creepy looking, mustached man, but the inside of the mask had a clever slogan with the brand name on it.  Everyone at the concert was wearing one!  I even saw people later on that weekend wearing the same masks around town!  Very clever!  The only thing I would have done is tattooed the company name right across the forhead of the mask.

Submited by
Rachel P.

One of the most creative ideas thatadotcom.  They put pictures of luggage as well as thier name and logo on the conveyor belt of a convienance store so when the belt was moving it would replicate the luggage on the belt at the airports.  

Submited by
Jim S.

A print of a cup of Folger's coffee (as viewed from above the cup) was placed over a manhole which had steam rising from 2 small holes, making it look as if were a hot cup of coffee. (located in NYC)


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