An Idea for a Small Business You Can Start

Start-up costs range $50 to $500,000+, earnings $5,000 to $2,000,000++, skills from knowing nothing to running an airline. Bon appetit!


Start-up cost: $1,000 - $3,000

Potential earnings: $35,000 - $55,000

Advertising: Place ads in the business telephone directory, bridal supplements, and personal sections in newspapers; leave business cards where you deliver messages; post flyers on community bulletin boards; donate a coupon for one free message for a community auction; buy ads on cable television and on local radio stations, or national radio stations if your product is mailed.

Equipment needed: Business line with answering machine, an 800 number for ordering, a dependable vehicle, distinctive costumes and props, billing and filing system.

If you are outgoing or have a special talent or product that people would enjoy receiving as a gift or gag, then this unusual and creative business may be for you. You present a gift, card, or bouquet of balloons or flowers with a signed message from the client to the designated person. You may perform a short routine along with it. Here are some ideas for novelty messenger services:

  • Exotic dancers, belly dancers, tap dancers.
  • Characters: gorillas, seasonal characters (Santa-grams, witch- or ghost-grams, Easter Bunny-grams), favorite children's storybook characters, clowns, or whatever costumed character you create.
  • Balloon deliveries, chocolate-grams, teddy bear-grams.

Excerpted with permission from "101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women" by Priscilla Y. Huff. Published by Prima Publishing. For more on this and 100 other great businesses you can start, Buy the book now or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. You can also call (800) 632-8676

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