An Idea for a Small Business You Can Start

Start-up costs range $50 to $500,000+, earnings $5,000 to $2,000,000++, skills from knowing nothing to running an airline. Bon appetit!


Start-up cost: $5,000 - $17,000

Potential earnings: $30,000 - $75,000+

Advertising: Networking with other small and home-based businesses by joining trade associations, local business associations, and clubs, and by attending entrepreneurial conferences; referrals from satisfied clients; conducting seminars or classes at local schools and colleges; advertising for clients in trade and association publications; ad in your telephone directory's business section; direct mail; Internet Web site.

Equipment needed: Home office: computer with on-line access, scanner, photo software, fax, business line and answering service, desktop publishing software, photocopier, and laser printer. Promotional materials: letterhead, business cards, and brochures.

Very few businesses can survive without some sort of advertising, so advertising expertise is sought by almost every company, no matter its size. However, this is a very competitive business, so you will need to find your specialty niche of the businesses for which you will work and then convince them that your advertising expertise will be of value to their company. Your best assets in this business are your creativity and knowledge of the industry of your customers.

Excerpted with permission from "More 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women" by Priscilla Y. Huff. Published by Prima Publishing. For more on this and 100 other great businesses you can start, Buy the book now or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. You can also call (800) 632-8676

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