Example #1: Buying Goods

Naturally, be sure this goes out on your company's letterhead, or that your company name address, and phone are shown.

April 20, 2000

To: Wondrous Widgets
555 Widget Way
Boise, ID 83777
Attn: Alan Watts
(208) 302-4567

From: Galleria du Jour
100 California Street, Suite 1501
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 741-8888

PO#: 042000-2
Terms: Net 30
Ship: FedEx 2-day
FOB: San Francisco

Project #: 000401
Vendor #: WW-B-208
Due Date: Must arrive in SF before May 15, 2000!

Item: WORG-1R Widget-o-Rama Grande/Red
Description: Widget-o-Rama All-Purpose Shredder/Opener/Cutter Large Counter Model, Red color

Qty: 20
Rate: $49.80 (including packaging and shipping)
Amount: $ 996.00
Total (not to exceed): $ 996.00

Notes: Do not attempt to deliver on Saturday -- it will not be accepted.

Signed by: Alan Bates, Chief Curator