Purchase Order Form

Date: ________________________

Purchase Order Number: ______________________________

If you don't have a numbering system, just cook up a number such as one featuring a date, plus a number, like 021400-2 for the second PO you issue on February 14, 2000.


Company Name: _______________________________________________________________

Attn: ______________________________________________ Individual Contact Name

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________

Telephone/Fax: _____________________________________________________________


Terms: _____________________________

i.e. How fast do you and the vendor agree you will pay? Normally this is the traditional "Net 30," meaning you will pay 30 days after the date of invoice, but you are free to negotiate anything that is OK with the vendor.


"Freight On Board" -- Where will you "take possession" of the goods? If it is F.O.B. THEIR LOCATION, then you will pay the shipping in addition to the cost, but if it is F.O.B. YOUR LOCATION, the vendor pays the shipping included in the cost. So you and the vendor have to agree which way you'll state this.

Date Due:________________

Be sure and clarify DUE WHERE???... due to leave their location or due to arrive at yours?

Ship via:_____________________________

You may want to specify a particular shipper and expense level, such as FedEx 2-day, USReddaway, UPS Ground, or whatever, or you may want to have a partial shipment of a specified small quantity shipped next day via FedEx, Airborne or UPS, with the balance coming via slower, cheaper method.

Project: ______________________________

Identify which project so your accounting system can track costs by project.

Vendor #: _____________________________

If you identify your vendors by number, you'll want this on your PO for your own tracking, and you'll insist they show this number on their invoices to you.

Now list the "Deliverables"...i.e. what you will get.

Item Name: _______________________________


Describe the item as specifically as possible -- with a product number, if one exists.

Rate: ______________________

How much does each item unit cost or what hourly rate have you agreed to pay for services?

Amount: ____________________

Multiply the number of items by the unit cost. Then list additional items, if you are ordering several things.


i.e. What's the bottom line? i.e., How much will you be expected to pay for all this? And -- if what you are ordering is taxable in your state -- keep in mind that once you receive the bill, it will have sales tax added on top of this total. To avoid surprises and arguments, express the total as "Not to Exceed $______." This shows that you won't pay more, unless a change memo or new PO gets your signed OK.

Notes: _____________________________________________Special instructions, if any.

Signed by:_____________________________ Title:_________________________

An authorized signature should appear on your PO.