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The nominations stage is behind us. Idea Cafe is thrilled to spotlight the 25 nominees who have advanced in the second round. Now you get to decide the winner of the 4th Entrepreneur of the Year.

Vote for your favorite - and vote every day. You may win a prize, too (Black iPod Touch 32 GB).

Avivit Ben Aharon

Gr8Speech vote & share

Janet LaBerge

Dirty Deeds and Good Deeds vote & share

David Reavis

Three Brothers Whiskey, Inc vote & share

Ashley Melchior

Style Lounge vote & share

Kyle Sullivan

Sullivan Personal Training LLC vote & share

Hannah Ruskin

Swell Spaces vote & share

Shelly Gensmer

dressing room dojo vote & share

Kendra Barnes

CUTEnCRAFTY, LLC vote & share

Walter Blake Knoblock

Empire Enterprise, LLC vote & share

Trinity Baker

Grafted Christian Business Connections vote & share

Celina Davis

Felix Exi vote & share

Dana Wilde

The Mind Aware vote & share

Carrie Pendergrass

Sewn to the Sky vote & share

Jennifer Thomas

Project Travel vote & share

Skeeter Davis

Skeeter Davis Productions SDP LLC vote & share

Jim McGovern vote & share

Michelle Eberwein

Hope in Bracelets vote & share

Zach Freeman

Veterans Moving America vote & share

Heather Koenig

Wick and Petal Shop vote & share

Cheri Jacobs

SNOOKNUK vote & share

Helena Speights vote & share

Dawn Owens

Suite Eleven vote & share

Autumn Aufiero

Dance Class II vote & share

Jeff Reichman

January Advisors vote & share

Benjamin Wills

AAA Auto Detail Center, Inc. vote & share
The Rules
  • Voting period: December 20th - January 20th, 2014
  • Voting is once every 24 hours
  • You may vote for yourself and spread the word by using our promotional badge.
  • Voting is open to everyone.
  • You can encourage employees, clients, and friends to cast a vote.

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Until the voting is closed

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