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November 18th - December 19th
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Entrepreneur of the Year is the most sought-after award for business owners. It is a community-focused competition rewarding a company or a business owner who made a mark during the past year. The competition provides a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the next big leap in their business.

Are you breaking the rules? Changing the game? Generally being brilliant? Then you may be one of the trailblazers who are constantly evolving, transforming and innovating your business. And this award is your opportunity for global recognition. Enter for your chance to shine!

The award will go to the entrepreneur who receives the largest share of the public nominations and votes.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to get recognition or know a person running a business who deserves admiration, you can submit a nomination using our simple form.

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Until the nominations are closed

The nominations will be closed on December 19th, 2013 Central Standard Time (CST).

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The Latest Nominations

Jeff Baldwin nominated Zahara Jade, owner of P.R.A.Y. Jewelry because - Shana is an inspiration who has taken 2 of her great loves, the making of jewelry and the spiritualism of yoga, and combined them into a business that flows from the heart.
Todd nominated Kathy Cook, owner of Lyle Cook 1958 LTD because - Kathy is deserving of this award. She is well respected in the business community. She is innovative and dedicated to improving and challenging the automotive service industry with a highly educated background in ethics and business degrees.
Amir Barletta nominated Skeeter Davis, owner of Skeeter Davis Productions SDP LLC
jackie nominated Skeeter Davis, owner of Skeeter Davis Productions SDP LLC
Abigail Gamble nominated Skeeter Davis, owner of Skeeter Davis Productions SDP LLC
Kelly nominated Avivit Ben Aharon, owner of Gr8 Speech Inc. because - Amazing service
Todd Noble nominated Kathy Cook, owner of Lyle Cook 1958 LTD because - I nominate Kathy for her dedication to procedures and protocol to customer service that she instills in her staff.
Todd nominated Kathy Cook, owner of Lyle Cook (1958) Ltd. because - I nominate Kathy because her dedication is an inspiration. She works hard to make sure staff and customers are treated with respect.
Drew nominated Avivit Ben Aharon, owner of Gr8 Speech Inc. because - Avivit has changed the way Speech therapy is delivered. Pure Genius
Stefanie Frederick nominated Jeff Morin, owner of Coins For Anything; because - I believe that we have a great candidate the Entrepreneur of the Year. Jeff Morin, a young successful entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of, has developed a series of online stores that offer customized products for businesses or organizations. The For Anything Network employs 28 people and is based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. By making smart decisions through website development and advertising, he has helped turn the company into a million-dollar business. Here is a brief history of the how Jeff developed his company and is living the American dream. Jeff started Coins For Anything in 2002 at age nineteen while serving in the Marine Corps. The original model was reselling challenge coins to the military through eBay. His business was transformed when he received a request for a “Mother of Marine” coin, which did not exist in the market at that time. Through studying the industry, Jeff was able to create a “Mother of Marine” coin and offer it to his customers. The response to the coin was an overwhelming success, and soon after with the help of a five hundred dollar contribution, the business—with a new focus of creating custom coins—was born out of his mother’s basement. As profits grew, he relocated to a storefront in 2006 and hired additional employees. Since then he has diversified his offering by establishing several sister companies that deliver customizable products such as awards, lapel pins, lanyards, shirts, signs, promos, and website. Thus, the brand For Anything, Inc. was created. Although the companies now reside together in a 9,000 square foot building in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Coins For Anything remains the most successful and predominant. Coins For Anything, Inc. is a four-time Inc. 5000 winner, and the Awards For Anything, Inc. website is a two-time winner of the International Best Retailer Website. His business partner Chris Frederick, a veteran as well, has helped Jeff to expand the business and assisted the expansion in shirts and signs. Jeff is also actively involved in giving back to the community. He serves on the board of the Families of the Wounded Warrior Fund and donates to several academic programs at Quantico High School. Recently, Jeff was a judge on a “Shark Tank” modeled business competition, where a local business won $10,000. He firmly believes in the American entrepreneurial spirit and love sharing lessons learned and experiences with other young entrepreneurs. Jeff has developed a thriving brand and serves as a powerful role model of other entrepreneurs in the community, which makes him a strong contender for this award.
Karen nominated Kathy Cook, owner of Lyle Cook (1958) Ltd. because - Kathy Cook is a terrific business woman! She is very customer oriented, fair, and a terrific boss. She is involved with many charities and community events. She runs 13 businesses and does this with success. Kathy is very educated and admired in her community. Without Kathy, this business would not be the success it is today!
Jay nominated Kathy Cook, owner of Lyle Cook (1958) Ltd. because - Kathy is a fair and honest business person. She treats eveybody with respect. Kathy works very hard ataling Lyle Cooks a success in its third generation. Kathy keeps up with all government regulated rules and information. She is heavily involved in the community and with many charities.
Rachelle Ducharme nominated Kathryn Ingram, owner of Integrity Bookkeeping because - Kathee started this business several years ago to help small businesses get started and grow by giving them the tools and help to understand and work with their cashflow in a simple understandable way. Every year her business has grown by adding an employee in 2011 and again in 2013. She constantly is growing and learning as a business owner and manager and is seeking to move into the next phase of business by utilizing cloud based software that will better serve her clients and open up new markets. Kathee is always seeking to be competitive in the marketplace and think outside the box in how to help and reach clients. We have seen several of clients become more stable and have shown consistent growth because they finally are able to understand their finances and make more strategic goals and spending plans. An entrepreneur not only develops and achieves their own business goals and strategies, but also selflessly helps others do the same. I believe this sets Kathee apart from the rest because she makes it her goal to help her clients set and reach their goals.
vickie glocker nominated Ashley Melchior, owner of Style Lounge because - Ashley is an amazing business woman that in one year has come a very long way. She has done my hair for years and I would follow her anywhere! When she branched out to open her own shop, I witnessed her take the bull by the horns and with no fear- never looked back. Now, after just one year of operating her own place, she is moving to a new location too accomondate her growth in clients! I hope you choose Ashley for Entrepreneur of the year. I don\'t know anyone who deserves her more!