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Federal Tax Identification Launches New Live Chat Feature

Taxes are a complex process for both individuals and businesses. Each registered business entity is given a unique, nine digit tax number for identification, called an EIN or FIEN. Federal Tax Identification provides businesses an easy way to file for an EIN number online. The site has now integrated a live chat feature that allows clients to instantly get help with the ss-4 form.

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A Clean Sweep on Maid Service Biz Idea

Small Business ExpertMaid service franchise idea gets a thorough washing by Cheryl Demas, our WAHM expert. Good tips for anyone thinking about buying a franchise. Get the scoop at

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Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Strategy During The Crisis

Growing your business in times of need can be a challenging prospect, especially if you start panicking and making moves willy-nilly to avoid falling behind on the market during this sensitive period. The thing is, while many non-essential businesses

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The everyday demands of earning a living and paying the bills require that we all engage in some degree of financial planning. When we first strike out on our own, we learn—often the hard way—to live within our means and not to spend more than we

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