My Personal 911 Inc.

Connie Alsobrook

Owner of My Personal 911 Inc.

conyers GA |

What does your business do?

My business is a mobile app for missing people. Users activate the alert immediately when they believe a loved one is missing and it alerts other users in the area with a photo and demographics of missing individual.

How would you use the grant money?

I would use the money for Apps Without Code Bootcamp. The Bookcamp will teach me how to build my app, market it, and coaching.

What would the grant enable you to do that you can't now?

The grant will enable me to sign up for the next scheduled Apps Without Code Bootcamp and build my app faster.

If Idea Cafe's Grant helps your biz reach greater success, how will you "pay it forward" to help others in some way?

If Idea Cafe helps me reach greater success, I would "pay it forward" thru finances, coaching, whatever need I can provide.

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