My Green World

Natalie Kyriacou

Owner of My Green World

Melbourne |

What does your business do?

My Green World is an Australian-based social enterprise created during, and in response to, one of the most defining global events in the history of life on earth. My Green World believes that a generation of empowered youth will become the generation that changes the world. It is with this knowledge that we dedicated our existence to developing youth-focussed solutions to global ecology problems. My Green World fosters a collective environment for change by providing educational resources and opportunities that further children’s engagement with conservation efforts, while ensuring the preservation of nature.
My Green World is addressing the barriers that young people are faced with when trying to connect with global conservation issues.
My Green World seeks to embed the relevant tools and exercises into school curriculums and communities, while understanding the current social, cultural and technological landscapes that influence children.

It is critical that we build upon the wildlife and environmental education resources to prepare today’s youth with the knowledge, experience and connections to meet the challenges that will define their generation.

My Green World offers a suite of programs that provide educational institutions, children and families with an enjoyable and creative way of learning about global environmental issues.

How would you use the grant money?

My Green World is launching Kids Corner in February, 2017. Kids Corner is a brand new initiative that seeks to prioritise wildlife and environmental education and make it more accessible within schools and homes. Kids Corner offers activity-based learning programmes, facts, PowerPoint presentations, teachers notes, games and videos.

It costs $50 to deliver our resources to each school, and the grant money would go toward ensuring that over 1000 schools have access to our materials by January 2018.

What would the grant enable you to do that you can't now?

Wildlife and environmental issues seem abstract and so far removed from our day to day lives, and for this reason, they do not attract the attention that many other issues do. It is imperative that we prioritise wildlife and environmental conservation issues and treat it with the same urgency that other issues garner. This grant would enable us to deliver our wildlife and environmental education programs throughout Australian schools and ensure that young people have access to information, activities and resources to further engage them with nature conservation issues that will undoubtedly shape their future.

If Idea Cafe's Grant helps your biz reach greater success, how will you "pay it forward" to help others in some way?

My Green World is committed to fostering opportunity and education among young people; we empower youth to shape the future of wildlife efforts globally, while playing an active role in their own education and commitment to nature. Our business model is built on the idea that a generation of empowered youth will become the generation that changes the world, and we want to support them in doing this.

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